Undertale How To Move Ghost

27/06/2018 · Delete or move your saved game. You can either delete the file or move it to a place holder location on your computer if you want to revisit your old save again. Community Q&A […]

How To Make A Boat In A Glass Bottle

Turn bottle on its side and gently rock the bottle to create a "wave" inside your ocean habitat! Helpful hints * Use lightweight starfish, shells and other sea creature toys that can float. Test them first in a bowl or glass of water. Find these at your local craft supply store or discount department store. * Make the ocean any color you choose! Blue is standard of course, but if your child's […]

How To Make A Rorschach

Rome2rio makes travelling from Rorschach to Lindau easy. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Find all the transport options for your trip from Rorschach to Lindau right here. […]

How To Play Yellow Ledbetter On Electric Guitar

The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps Guitar Lesson - Solo - This works for electric guitar. I also have a tutorial on this board with the background acoustic guitar tutorial. […]

How To Make Corn On The Cob On The Bbq

Tasty bbq corn on the cob recipe. Learn how to cook great Tasty bbq corn on the cob . Crecipe.com deliver fine selection of quality Tasty bbq corn on the cob […]

How To Make Really Strong Tea

Luckily, most ginger tea contains about one gram, so just check the label of the tea to be sure. But you can also make your own ginger tea, which takes me to … But you can also make your own ginger tea, which takes me to … […]

How To Tell What Size Golf Clubs You Need

Golf is one of the most popular and widely played sports in the world today, and whether you have been playing for years or have never touched a club, buying golf equipment can be a daunting task. […]

How To Make A Pdf Document Into Word

8/04/2016 · Open the word document saved on your system that you wish it to be converted into PDF. Now click on file option on top left corner and click on "SAVE … […]

How To Run Hadoop Examples

using a non-interactive, all-encapsulated job that does the Hadoop cluster setup, job run, and Hadoop cluster teardown all in one job script, as described by the Gordon User Guide’s page on Hadoop creating a semi-persistent Hadoop cluster using a job script and submitting map/reduce jobs to it by hand, as described by my page on Running Hadoop Clusters on Traditional Supercomputers […]

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game How To Play

Fortunately, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game has come along to bring even more of the role-playing experience to the table in convenient, bite-sized chunks. Gameplay Like any good traditional hack-and-slash RPG, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is all about picking out characters with unique sets of abilities and then rolling fistfuls of dice to use those abilities. […]

How To Make Your New Puppy Feel At Home

Especially, on the puppy’s first day at home, most people would want to show their new puppy to their close family and friends. However, you should remind yourself that your new friend just shared a scary new ride, and in fact, with new people, she does not know. […]

How To Make Healthy Gyoza

Make healthy and delicious gyoza with this easy-to-follow gyoza recipe. Gyoza is the Japanese name for the dumpling served in Asian restaurants as an appetiser or side dish and this recipe will show you how to make them with a tofu-based vegetarian filling. […]

How To Make A 2d Logo 3d Logo

Elegant and modern 3D logo suit improving your 2D brand Use your 3D logo everywhere (presentations, print, website, TV screens and much more) Get your 3D logo … […]

How To Make A Door Bow

Free Tutorial! Bow Tutorial, Hand Made Bows - Learn to make this popullar wreath bow by hand! www.damonoates.com […]

How To Make A Yes No Dropdown In Excel

16/06/2014 · Excel Questions; Yes/No options for validation dropdown in VBA; Become a Registered Member (free) to remove the ads that appear in thread area. Click here to reset your password. You MUST have a valid e-mail address so that you may receive the instructions to complete the reset. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the Board FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register […]

How To Make Mud Balls

Who wouldn’t want to eat a Mudball?! These treats give the idea of making mud pies a whole new meaning! These are great fun to make…and great fun to eat! […]

How To Make A Feasability Report

The following actions should be taken to implement the results of this feasibility study so that the Town Hall is renovated and restored in time for the TownÕs 300 th Anniversary in 2011: ¥ Support for the project at the public hearing for Town meeting on April 9, 2008. […]

How To Make Your Icons Go Back To Default Size

On your Windows desktop, we place icon shortcuts to our oft-accessed programs, files and folders. While the default icons view is that they are displayed as icons in Medium size, there are other […]

How To Make A Fire Pit With Rocks

See more What others are saying "Remarkable Design Fire Pit Rocks Winning How To Build A Rock Crafts Home Modern Garden" "This pic is that of the fire pit we have in our backyard. […]

How To Make Diet Food

Make Sure the Diets Working After your dogs been dining on your kitchen creations for 2 to 3 weeks, take him to the vet to make sure hes not gaining or losing too much weight. If his weight is changing, check it again in a couple of weeks. […]

How To Say Darling In Spanish

Translate Darling. See 4 authoritative translations of Darling in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. See 4 authoritative translations of Darling in Spanish with example sentences, phrases and audio pronunciations. […]

How To Make Aeroplane Noises

Aircraft noise can have an impact on everyday activities. This website provides information on the causes of aircraft noise, how the industry is working together to manage it and what people can do to reduce its impact. […]

How To Make Sangria Punch

The fruit pictured is precut because this was a refill of the sangria. I used one apple, 1 mango, 8 strawberries, 1 plum and 1 nectarine. You can also use peaches or berries I used one apple, 1 mango, 8 strawberries, 1 plum and 1 nectarine. […]

How To Make A Mattress Pad Stay In Place

4 Install a Foam Mattress Pad; If your bed's mattress cover slips, apply fasteners to keep this protective layer in place. Shop at a bedding store or home improvement center for elastic straps […]

How To Make A Fake Spider

Big, fake spiders however, don’t bother me none. Until last year while going through the checkout at my local Dollarama, I had no idea how lucky I was to have the bravery in me to be able to face a fake spider. […]

How To Put Folder In Taskbar

By Woody Leonhard . In Windows 7, you pin a file or folder to the taskbar to have them available at a moments notices well, sort of. Unfortunately, you cant turn individual documents or folders into icons on the toolbar. […]

How To Play Olaf Vs Riven

How to Play vs Riven. Riven build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Riven Strategy Builds and Tools. Riven build guides on MOBAFire. League of Legends Premiere Riven […]

How To Make Decorative Badge Reels

Badge reels can be clipped to a belt, pocket or other article of clothing to display a badge or card with an added benefit: the retractable nylon cord inside the badge reel allows the badge or card to be pulled out for scanning or swiping without removing the credential from the user. […]

How To Make Aliens In Sims 4

how to make a vulcan in sims 4. Vyolet Ta. Sims 4 Aliens. Qué dicen otros usuarios "By nature they tend to be tall (the women being shorter than the men). The men can be as tall as 2.0 meters (6'6"). Males weigh approximately 70 kilograms (154.3 lbs). The women can be as tall as 1.7 meters (5'8"). Females weigh approximately 50..." Ver más. sixamsims. This is Eta (named after a Nebula). She […]

How To Make Outside Steps

Measure the distance across each step. Cut 2-by-8 lumber to fit across the stringer to form the front of each step. Attach the 2-by-8 piece of wood to the stringer tightly using deck screws. […]

How To Make A Vortex In After Effects

Technical skills are available to anyone with internet access, a computer and software (a MacBook Pro and Adobe After Effects for starters). Nowadays, the reality is that the creative industries […]

How To Make Italian Macarons

French Macarons are really something special. Make them for the holidays with delicious eggnog flavor. See a detailed slideshow showing the steps to macaron success. […]

How To Play Rock Paper Scissors Youtube

Choose Rock, Paper, or Scissors and defeat your opponent! Use your wits to win as many times as you can in this classic game! Use your wits to win as many […]

How To Make Helium 3

Building a helium atom model is one of the more simple projects kids and parents will face for school. A helium atom contains two protons, two neutrons and two electrons. The nucleus of a helium […]

How To Spray Two Pack Paint

SprayTech Aus take pride in providing our valuable clientele with world-class customer service and expert quality finishes for all of our aluminium recolouring and refurbishing services. To do so, we ensure the materials we use are equally of the highest quality, most importantly with the aluminium spray paint we apply to finishes. With over a… […]

How To Make A Waldorf Baby Doll

Jinx62 Now that you have seen the head making tutorial, and have your supply list, it is time to print off your pattern and get the body ready for your doll! Here is the link to the PDF doll pattern! You will need to print off your pattern at 100%. You will know that you Continue reading Making a Waldorf Doll part 3 (body and pattern) […]

How To Make Monopoly Cards

Make Any Board & Card Game Playable in the Browser in 5 Minutes: If you want to play your own board game, or some game that is long out of print and doesn't have an online version, then this instructable will show you how to do it yourself in a breeze and start playing with friends & family online. This is […]

Dahyun Twice How To Say

[Intro: All, Chaeyoung, Dahyun] Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Come and be my love Come and be my love baby Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Come and be my love Come and be my love baby […]

How To Make Teeth White Naturally At Home

How To Make Teeth Whiter Naturally Teeth Whitening at Home whiten teeth with lemon and baking soda Ways To Whiten Your Teeth At Home Naturally Diamond White Teeth Whitening Reviews Teeth Whitening San Mateo. […]

How To Make Your Computer Sleep With Keyboard

Enabling your keyboard to wake your computer from sleep mode might resolve the issue. In Windows, search for and open the Device Manager . Click the arrow next to Keyboards , and then double-click the name of your keyboard. […]

How To Open A Perfume Bottle

Choose a bottle design that makes a statement about the perfume and adds to your product's desirability. Select a firm that will conduct market research to ensure that your bottle appeals to your […]

How To Make Word Dark

Need synonyms for dark? Here's over 400 fantastic words you can use instead. What's another word for Synonyms. Antonyms What is another word for dark? Need synonyms for dark? Here's a list of words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Adjective (of a place or space) Having a lack of light. unlit. unilluminated. ill-lit. poorly lit. dim. dingy. gloomy. dusky. unlighted. indistinct […]

How To Make A Chocolate Sphere With A Balloon

chocolate sphere, and the whole thing collapses into a warm chocolate-caramel-pecan confection that will transport even the most rigid dessert deniers into . chocolate sphere, and the whole thing collapses into a warm chocolate-caramel-pecan confection that … […]

How To Make Your Own Vitamins & Supplements

Vitamin-Taking Hints Home Food supplements don't do much good in the bottle. Here are ways to make vitamin taking easier: * Take vitamin and mineral supplements with meals when possible. […]

How To Make Mope.io

Mope io is a great game that hosts more than 15k players online! This game is one of the most popular io games. The game consists of many different animals and each one has it's unique abilities, so probably you won't have to update till the last and almighty animal, but play for your favorite one! […]

How To Make Skateboard Wheels White Again

The last product that this guide to skateboarding wheels will recommend is the 53 mm 97a/101a Ultra Clear White Skateboard Wheels from Autobahn. One of its most impressive features is that it works on a dual durometer – the 97a/101a. […]

How To Make Perfect Frosting For Cupcakes

Today we are going to be doing the perfect whipped cream frosting – definitely one of my favourites thanks to it’s melt in your mouth texture. I made a video for you (yaaay) done by Mr. Jessiker Bakes showing you how I make it! […]

Japanese Red Plum Vinegar How To Make

Spread red shiso leaves used to make red umezu on top of ume. Put a sterilized plate on ume plums and place a sterilized weight which weighs half as much as the ume on the top. Cover with lid and leave the container in a cool, dark place until drying time comes, being careful about mold growth. […]

How To Put Windows 8 Programs To Sleep

19/05/2014 Hello, I would like to know how to create a task in task scheduler , that'll force the computer into sleep over a running program. Basically, I have some software that runs in the background called 'WD anywhere backup' and when this software is running it […]

How To Play Aiff Files

Click "Add File" button to load the BWF files to BWF Converter. Step 2 Set the Output Format as WAV, MP3, WMA, M4A, FLAC, AIFF or Others Click "Profile" drop down button and set the audio format you want. […]

Open A Ukulele Tuning How To

Assuming you’ll be using Relative tuning, this is a step-by-step procedure for tuning the ukulele for either the high g or low G arrangement. The assumption made is that all the strings are tuned to the 1st string (Open A string in C-Tuning). […]

How To Make A Wrist Corsage With A Bracelet

How to Make a Beautiful Wrist Corsage eHow Ehow.com Wrist corsages are also called wristlet corsages or bracelet corsages, depending on what the flowers are connected to. Because they are so easy to take on and off without pinning, wrist corsages are perfect for proms, weddings, homecomings and even special events like Mother's Day or birthdays. […]

How To Make Faux Parchment Paper

If you’re gonna make mini gold cakes, you’ll probably need to make gold cookie pops too. Let’s face it. Gold is the new black. And food on a stick is the new fork. […]

How To Make Cadbury Cream Eggs

1 day ago Turn plain vanilla pudding into an Easter-worthy dessert, instantly! MAKE IT: Prepare instant vanilla pudding according to package instructions; add pinch of salt and 2 Cadbury creme eggs […]

How To Make Morally Bad Characters

HOWEVER, I have seen plenty of likeable bad guys or morally grey characters. Team Rocket, Deadpool, Disney's Hades, Gru, GLaDOS and Beetlejuice are likeable. Zuko is very likable, even in Avatar's first episodes, when he is very evil. And he is likeable because we can relate to his motivation. […]

How To Make Your Wife Have An Affair

Tagged on: 1 Corinthians 10:12 affair healing from affair how to confess an affair how to confess infidelity how to tell your spouse about an affair infidelity questions after an affair Joe Beam May 30, 2014 May 22, 2018 Communication , infidelity , Marriage Troubles , sex 16 Comments […]

How To Make A Vanilla Milkshake At Home

How do you make milkshakes at home? Update Learn quickest tip from Aunt Bina’s Kitchen to make milkshake at your home. Ingredients to make Soursop Milkshake: 1 Soursop, Meat Without Seeds; 1 Cup Milk (vary quantity to control thickness) 2 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream; Method to make Soursop Milkshake : In a blender, add soursop, milk and vanilla ice cream. Vary quantity of milk for desired […]

How To Raise Speech In New Vegas Console

Speech is a Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas skill. In Van Buren , it was to be divided into two skills - Persuasion and Deception . The skill was also to appear in Fallout Tactics but was cut from the final game build. […]

How To Make A Larp Battle Axe

hi, great video, though an easier way is to make reinforcements with cloth on the tip. i made a guide, unfortunately in danish. but it can be seen on how another way, and maybe a bit easier way to reinforce. […]

How To Say Fuck You In Spanish

Translations How to say fuck me harder in Spanish? fuck me hard·er Would you like to know how to translate fuck me harder to Spanish? This page provides all possible translations of the word fuck me harder in the Spanish language. […]

How To Move Files On Android

Tired of using an Android phone all the time? Finally, you have decided to switch to iPhone in order to experience the total different operating system. […]

How To Make Your Cat Act Like A Dog

If your cat comes to the doorway to check things out, toss her a high reward treat like a small piece of chicken. If you have certain guests who come over frequently, you may want to introduce your kitty to them in a one-on-one setting. […]

How To Say I Don T Speak Japanese In Japanese

For me this is great, because I wouldnt have opportunities to interpret Japanese if it werent for all the people who say I refuse to learn Japanese working in Japan. Actually Charlie is finding now that while his Japanese is good enough to do most things day to day, it is a real struggle to do work with Japanese clients because his business Japanese just isnt up to task. […]

How To Make Paneer With Vinegar

Vinegar can be used in place of Lemon Juice to separate the milk from whey. 2. Save the whey as it can be used to knead chapatti dough or as a stock for soups and curries. If you wont be using it immediately, freeze it for later use. 3. For making tikkas or a firmer paneer, add 1/2 Tbsp of all-purpose flour to the paneer after hanging it and knead it like a dough. Flatten the paneer out […]

How To Make Easiyo Yogurt In A Thermomix Tm5

Making yogurt by Thermomix is EASY and so very REWARDING. It& not only healthier, but a great way to save money, as making your own yogurt cuts costs to about a third! This super simple recipe from Valerie is the best way to get started. […]

Stardew Valley How To Play Multiplayer

When I first began playing Stardew Valley, it was predominantly a solitary affair. Not only because it was squarely a single player game, but because avoiding other people suited my playstyle just fine. I headed to Pelican Town to relax, farm, and mine, not to make friends. All I needed was the […]

How To Make A Buttonhole On A Janome Sewing Machine

Janome 2212 Review. February 5, 2014. Janome . 3. Janome is known for its long history of user friendly sewing machines and sergers. This fact was reiterated when I reviewed the Janome 2212 at Stuart Sew and Vac. This basic mechanical sewing machine is a great option for anyone who is just learning how to sew, regardless of age. It is also a good choice for anyone who wants a basic sewing […]

How To Make Rot For Hanuman Pooja

Step-by-Step Ganesh Puja Vidhi. 1. Put chawki on puja place, spread red cloth on it. 2. Place Lord Ganesh Idol (or photo) on chawki. 3. Light the earthen lamp to start puja […]

How To Make Ur Own Alice In Wonderland Wonderland

To celebrate the return of Christopher Wheeldon’s ballet Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, master pastry chef Claire Clark has designed a spectacular new afternoon tea for the Royal Opera House. […]

How To Run 2.4 Km In 10 Minutes

2.4 km run in 10.5 mins x 2 per week 3.2 km run in 13.5 min x 1 per week 45 min run x 2 per week . Many people also recommend some form of sprint conditioning in addition to the above. This makes sense considering the intense nature of the 1.5 mile run. From the Singapore Army Fitness Website is the following advice for speed work to improve the 1.5 mile time: Different Types of Speed Training […]

How To Open Winmail Dat On Iphone 6

View the content of winmail.dat file on your IOS Devices. Winmail App is the Best Winmail.dat Viewer for IOS 8 DevicesSupports iPhone 6, iPh Winmail App is the Best Winmail.dat Viewer for IOS 8 DevicesSupports iPhone 6, iPh […]

How To Make Shimmer And Shine Cake

Shimmer And Shine Cake, Shimmer And Shine Decorations, Trolls Birthday Party, 6th Birthday Parties, Girl Birthday, 1st Birthdays, Birthday Ideas, Jasmine Birthday Cake, Jasmine Cake 1 864-621-7591 Beach parties […]

How To Shuffle Pack March

to act underhandedly or evasively with respect to a stated situation (often followed by in, into, or out of): to shuffle out of one's responsibilities. to intermix so as to change the relative positions of cards in a pack. […]

How To Play 5 Card Draw

The game of 5 Card Draw (5CD) is one of the oldest and most commonly known games in poker. Perhaps not the Cadillac, but more the T-Ford of card games, originates from the American Civil War. It was the most popular card game until Stud Poker came along in the early 20thCentury. You will […]

How To Make Brush Cleaning Spray

If you put the mixture in a glass spray bottle (like this one), this mixture can be used to spritz and rinse brushes after each use for an easier clean. Instructions Shake the cleaner well, and pour a small amount of it into a small bowl. […]

How To Put Down Plywood Floor

This flooring can be installed over old wood flooring or over a plywood sub-floor. A minimum 3/4-inch-thick sub-floor is required. If you are working atop a single plywood layer, we recommend adding a second layer of 1/4- to 1/2-inch plywood or commercial floor substrate material. […]

How To Make Salad Rolls

17/03/2013 Also, since I eat salad rolls often, I often make a large amount of dipping sauce. Here is the recipe I have been using. This makes enough to fill a 1kg container. […]

How To Make Your Own Ps4 Controller

Make a custom PS4 Controller skin online using the Skinit PS4 Controller Skin Customizer. Each custom PS4 skin uses the finest vinyl decal. Make it yours! […]

How To Open Wbfs File Extension

The wbf1 file extension is associated with the Wii, The default software associated to open wbf1 file: WBFS Manager . WBFS Manager provides a GUI for working with hard disk drives that have been formatted to the WBFS file system. Help how to open: The only program that can recover .wbf1 files (except the console) is WBFS Manager. How to convert: It does not seem possible to convert this […]

How To Make Hanging Plant Balls

Plant balls are both decorative and help you keep your cooking herbs close by. You can change the contents of this suspended mini-garden every season and add some new flowers for colour. […]

How To Read A Minidump Dmp File

To analyze this data, a developer must use a debugger that can read user minidump files. The debugger must also have access to both the images and symbols that match the contents of the dump file. Most developers are aware of the need to use matching symbols when debugging a live crash. However, when debugging a minidump, matching images must also be available for the debugger. […]

How To Play The Yugoslav Attack

Subtitled "The Battles for Zagreb, 1979" Part of SPI's Modern Battles II: Four Contemporary Conflicts series, notable for its use of untried units to simulate the uncertainty of armies that have never seen battle. This game, at the battalion/regimental level with hexes measuring a mile across, simulates combat in northern Yugoslavia in […]

How To Put On A Singlet

AS Colour - Dash Singlet Racer Back. Printing from * Colors. Sizes. XS S M L XL AS Colour - Balance Racerback Singlet. Printing from * Colors. Sizes. XS S M L XL AS Colour - Yes Racerback Singlet. Printing from * Colors. Sizes. XS S M L XL AS Colour - Tank tee […]

How To Make Long Loose Curls

First, you want to make sure every curl is done in the same direction. So if you hold the curling iron in front of the section of hair you’re about to curl and then wrap the hair around in a forward motion, you’ll want to make sure you repeat this with every curl. (It’s especially important to make a note of your curling motion when you switch sides—because you also switch hands, it […]

How To Use Result From Prepare Execute Mysql

Do not following invocation of mysql_stmt_execute() with a call to mysql_store_result() or mysql_use_result(). Those functions are not intended for processing results from prepared statements. Those functions are not intended for processing results from prepared statements. […]

How To Make A Tombstone In Minecraft

The best way to do this with Vanilla Minecraft is to hit F5 twice to put the game into Third Person view looking behind you.. after that you can hit F1 i believe to remove the HUD. Then you should be able to take a screenshot while running. […]

How To Make A Fit And Flare Dress

Fit & Flare Dress is rated 4.8 out of 5 by 21. Rated 5 out of 5 by Mrsfutch from Great Work Dress This dress is great for work or day out. So comfortable to wear and great fit, lovely material. […]

How To Make Cake Flour Australia

If you are tossing around the idea of starting a cake or cupcake business, wanting to sell only at the markets, for fun, just to make a bit of pocket money, and see if […]

How To Read A Zenner Water Meter

The WPH-N water meter by ZENNER is always used when high flow rates with a relative constant flow rate profile are to be measured. […]

How To Make A Bandsaw Sawmill

The band saw is typically the tool of choice when the woodworker needs to make accurate curved cuts in wood stock, no matter the thickness of the board. […]

How To Make A Wormhole On Earth

So , in that sense, will the gravity effects travel through the wormhole, is the same as saying point B feels the effects of gravity. The "wormhole", that is the point of intense gravity, will act in exactly the same way as the Sun pulls the Earth towards it. […]

How To Respond To A Heroin Dependency

Ibogaine had allowed Lotsof to break his heroin addiction with just one dose. He knew immediately that these implications could have a massive impact on others who were struggling with heroin and opiate addiction. […]

How To Open Password Protected Excel File 2007

I am interested in opening an Excel 2007 file in R 2.11.1 using RODBC. The Excel file resides in the shared documents page of a MOSS2007 website. I currently download the The Excel file resides in the shared documents page of a MOSS2007 website. […]

How To Make Images A Deep Red Lightroom

Selective Black and White Take advantage of Lightroom 2s (or Camera Raws) adjustment brush to create images that are part black and white and part color. I will start with the color image below, and convert all of it to black and white except the poster and the can. […]

How To Make Sims 4 Ai Controlled

"The Sims 3" allows players to create and control a virtual avatar called a Sim and customize everything about it, from its personality to what it looks like. While some Sims players opt to create original characters, others prefer to play with a Sim that looks like themselves. The customization […]

How To Know If Wisdom Teeth Need Removed

A small amount of bleeding, some discomfort and a little bruising are all normal after wisdom teeth removal, but most patients recover fully from all of these. Recovery time really depends on the complexity of your case. If you have one simple upper wisdom tooth removed, you should be back to normal the next day. If, on the other hand, all four of your wisdom teeth are impacted and need to […]

How To Make Homemade Foundation

Does homemade foundation really work? You might have seen my recent DIY recipe. Here are pictures to show you how it works! You might have seen my recent DIY recipe. Here are pictures to show you how it … […]

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